virgin fantasies

I may be a virgin but I'm allowed to fantasize!

17 November 2005

Impulse shopping

I just ordered myself a 'ClitKit' from Ann Summers. Very tempted to order other naughty toys too. What a pity I have no-one to use them on.

10 November 2005


Is it wrong of me to get distracted in the library? I get very restless when I'm in the towerblock. I want to grab the nearest boy and do rude things to him. I've thought about this at least once everytime I've been in the towerblock section. So bearing in mind I've been at university for a couple of years now, it adds up to a lot. But today was the first time that I nearly put this thought into action. A boy was walking around this floor for about ten minutes looking for books, he passed my cubicle several times and I found myself looking up as he prowled past. I almost put my hand out to get his attention. There isn't anything special about my hand obviously, I just wanted him to look at me and recognise the look in my eyes. When he sat down two cubicles in front of me, all I wanted to do was to get up and go to his seat and pull him up from his desk and drag him to the enclosed cubicle behind me and kiss him and unbutton his jeans and feel him. I didn't even know what he looked like properly but I wanted him. Maybe I was a caveman that used to club his woman over the head and dragged her back to the cave for sex in a former life. Not very P.C in today's world though.